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2016 Florida Gators Gameday series. Assets created included prospect invites and credentials, as well as full size posters.

2016 Gator Gameday Series

The recruiting theme for this year's gameday series was "Traditions". For each home game this year, there was a spotlight on a different Gator tradition or something unique to UF football.  Poster featured a visual design of the tradition as well as a short description of its origin.  

1. The Chomp     
2. Two-Bits Pre-Game Cheer     
3. The Swamp  
4. Gatorade
5. We are the Boys 

The gameday theme was carried through to the gameday invitations as well as the credentials/nametags visiting prospects would wear at the game.  
Traditions Poster: 1 of 5
Traditions: 4,2,5
Prospect credential / name tags for gameday visitors
Prospect Credential(s)
Game Invitation Mailers
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